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After Drake Passage ‘Rogue’ Wave, Cruise Passengers Speak Out

A made-for-the-movies nightmare got here true when a cruise ship was hit by a “rogue” wave leaving one passenger lifeless and 4 injured.

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Damage sustained aboard the Viking Polaris outdoors of Argentina

The Viking Polaris was struck on Tuesday simply earlier than 11 p.m. because it headed towards Argentina with the final word vacation spot of Antarctica.

While en route, the ship needed to flip again in direction of Argentina attributable to a separate situation onboard — days earlier, a girl severely injured her leg throughout a small boat tour and desires surgical procedure, which induced the ship to show round.

The wave hit throughout part of the ocean that is referred to as the Drake Passage, a notoriously turbulent stretch of the ocean situated off the coast of South America — with some courageous voyagers dubbing it the “roughest water in the world.”

Though there was minimal injury made to the ship (it made it to Argentina the next day) American Sheri Zhu didn’t survive the incident, which occurred below circumstances that passengers described as “horrible” and “choppy” outdoors.

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Now, surviving passengers are talking out.

“This wave hit it and came over and literally broke through windows and just washed into these rooms, and not only did it wash into the rooms, but it broke walls down, and once some walls went into the next room,” Tom Trusdale, a passenger aboard the Polaris who was additionally on the Zodiac boat tour informed ABC News.

Viking Cruises confirmed that 4 passengers “sustained non-life-threatening injuries” that had been handled on board and maintained that they’re investigating the incident.

Other passengers famous the terrifying nature of the wave crash, describing flooding and damaged home windows, which might be seen in photographs of the now-docked ship.

“No matter what side of the boat you’re on, it was felt throughout the ship that clearly something bad had happened,” passenger Beverly Spiker informed ABC News. “So everybody was pretty shook up.”

In gentle of the incident, many began sharing and resurfacing movies on TikTok of what it is actually like crossing the harmful passage in hopes of shedding gentle on simply how terrifying the Polaris incident will need to have been.

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Viking Cruises’ subsequent voyage to Antarctica, which was set to happen from December 5 to 17, was promptly canceled by the corporate.



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