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How To Use Expansive Thinking To Unlock Your True Potential

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My consumer stared at me by means of Zoom, his eyes ever curious to listen to me reply the query he noticed somebody pose to me on Instagram. “So, what do you believe?” he requested.

Earlier that day, I posted a reel about polarizing considering. It proposed followers ask themselves whether or not their considering creates “solidarity” or “suffering.” The premise of the reel was that conspiracy theories align us to “one side or the other” and create polarity, duality, extremes and finally, struggling — and this retains us caught in a loop of right or wrong, black or white and this or that. It requested my followers to consider methods they may be caught in dualistic considering.

A follower challenged me: “Are you saying we should not question what we are being told/an unpalatable status quo/corruption/ingrained prejudices?” she requested.

This received me considering. And my response got here shortly: Absolutely not. I’m providing up one thing I name “Expansive Thinking.” It is straightforward in idea however a strong instrument for transformation when utilized thoughtfully.

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Expansive considering encourages us to be extra artistic

Polarity-driven considering retains us caught. In a single day, we’re requested to lean into judgment that requires a “this or that” selection — a black or white reply. As government leaders, we’re requested to make fast selections typically offered in “this or that” phrases. Our nation has been compelled to reckon with “one side or the other” for nearly a decade now, and it’s fairly actually taking us down!

Black-and-white considering is secure. It drives in the direction of a transparent and absolute reply. A finite “right way” and “wrong way.” It supposes there’s a fact, a greatest strategy to do issues – and it’s one in all two decisions. Is she a high performer or a low performer? Is the information good or unhealthy? Am I influential at my firm or not? Is this characteristic going to assist us win or lose floor?

I’m not suggesting all conversations are boiled right down to simplistic decisions. However, whilst we hammer out varied options, we are able to look to see the place we’re getting stuck in our personal loops. Loops that block creation power, modern considering and unity.

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A useful gizmo for activating expansive considering

This brings me to one in all my favourite teaching instruments: Stephen B. Karpman’s Drama Triangle and David Emerald’s evolution into The Empowerment Dynamic. The Drama Triangle modified my life after I underwent government management coaching a number of years in the past. The easy idea of the Drama Triangle is every of us performs two of three archetypes that provoke conflict, issues and anxiousness. And that if we are able to pivot out of our conditioned archetypes and into extra passion-based and outcome-focused archetypes, we create extra optimistic, artistic and empowered workforce environments.

The decrease half of the Drama Triangle takes on polarity and dualistic considering.

“I am the good, smart one, and everyone else here is at fault.” – The Persecutor.

“I never get the resources I need and other always get what they want.” – The Victim.

“If I don’t help them, it won’t get done right.” – The Rescuer.

But what occurs if we let go of duality and transfer to growth? When we shift our minds from the locks of “this or that,” expansive considering can emerge. We grow to be The Coach, asking probing and smart questions to maneuver an worker or a workforce member out of a caught place and into chance. We enact The Challenger, poignantly posing considerate and difficult issues for an answer past contracted considering. We are The Creator going past the restrictions and right into a “blue ocean mindset” that may enable extra concepts to generate.

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Two fast case research

One of my shoppers, a CEO for a skyrocketing collection B startup, was battling a profound query. “Is being compassionate or being kind at odds with building a successful, acceleratory-driven business — can you be aware of others’ experience while pushing and running a company?”

This CEO is very balanced; he’s each fierce and considerate. As monetary markets have constricted and a few component of concern has struck most considerate CEOs, he feels caught between “compassion” and “driven.” Or variety versus, effectively, a standard archetype of CEO primarily based mostly on traditionally extra masculine archetypes.

We utilized expansive considering to rise above the polarity. “What if you can be both?” I requested. “And what if being fierce or driven and driving your teams is a compassionate act of survival, thriving or sustainability? What would that look like to drive and push with heart?”

Our concepts of what compassion seems like will also be held in polarity. So, we expanded on “compassion.” We discovered ourselves in a really productive dialog about how his management fashion may embody consideration of others and development. A CEO can drive and push exhausting whereas being full-hearted and sort. Compassion and kindness shouldn’t have to imply “soft” or “slow.”

In essence, this consumer was shifting from The Persecutor to the Challenger. He then employed Expansive Thinking to drive what compassion may sound like from the brand new place of the Challenger.

In one other state of affairs, my consumer runs People Operations and was challenged by workers pushing exhausting on Diversity and Inclusion, typically pointing to different workers in ways in which felt “blaming and shaming.” She was involved the corporate tradition was starting to fray as folks began to level fingers in unhelpful patterns.

“What if our 2023 culture goals included empathy both ways?” she requested.

“What if we rise out of blaming, shaming and canceling and into creative ways of resolution?” I inquired. What if the cultural objectives embody expansive considering? And we at the moment are experimenting with integrating broad considering into her 2023 tradition technique to maneuver folks out of blame and disgrace and into creation and options.

This consumer may have stayed in The Victim, maybe blaming herself, however as an alternative employed expansive considering to grow to be The Creator and located new methods to consider her drawback and a higher-order resolution.

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Three suggestions for driving expansive considering into your groups

1. Notice once you’re caught

Teams that spin or stay stuck in the issue are possible caught in polarity — black-and-white considering. This is usually a defining second to ask groups to zoom out and take a look at the issue from a extra expansive area. Ask probing questions: are we caught as a result of we’re staying in place? Can we let go of our positions and develop to see what may occur once we let go?

2. Triggers typically come from polarity

If you or a teammate is commonly triggered, that may signify dualistic or black-and-white considering. Encourage them to let go of their “fixed” mindset and ask what archetype they may be taking part in within the drama triangle. Can they develop as much as passionate and solution-driving considering — or growth?

3. Use mindfulness

We typically see patterns once we take note of “how” we expect versus merely appearing out the ideas themselves. These patterns can “hook” us into fastened methods of considering. When we look ahead to our patterns — or patterns inside our groups — we are able to typically see that we’re solely in a “trance” state and never rising out of that ordinary state of considering to discover a new resolution. Simply noticing will be sufficient! This is the true energy of mindfulness to assist push creativity and innovation into your group.

So, to my Instagram follower with the nice query and to my consumer eager for my reply: completely buck the established order! Ask exhausting questions! And combat our limitations, biases and prejudices! Do it with expansive considering to information your approach and transfer out of the contraction most of us reside with every day. Try it on life’s smaller challenges, together with your youngsters, together with your self-analysis and sure, attempt it together with your groups. Get out of the protection of black and white and into the probabilities mendacity within the expanse.



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