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Libbie Mugrabi Pleads Not Guilty of Attacking Housekeeper

Libbie Mugrabi, ex-wife of billionaire artwork collector David Mugrabi, pleaded not responsible to costs of menacing, prison mischief, and prison possession of a weapon within the Southampton Town Justice Court earlier this week, in line with reporting by Page Six.

The costs stem from an altercation between Mugrabi and her maid. In late July, her housekeeper confronted Mugrabi about her lacking wages. Allegedly, the dialogue ended with Mugrabi breaking the housekeeper’s cellphone and evicting the housekeeper by threatening her with a mop deal with and a knife.

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Mugrabi denies this chain of occasions. Rather, she claims that her housekeeper had attacked Mugrabi and when she was kicked out of the home, took a number of pairs of classic designer sneakers along with her.

“I would never hit somebody. I’m not aggressive physically. I’m aggressive with my voice. Everything she said I did to her, she did to me,” Mugrabi informed the New York Post.

Meanwhile, Mugrabi is going through different monetary straits. A choose issued an eviction warrant in October and $158,000 in owed lease, in line with the Real Deal. Mugrabi’s landlord claims that Mugrabi in truth owes $1.5 million extra in unpaid lease. During the pandemic, Mugrabi filed a declaration of economic hardship that protected her from eviction below the pandemic’s eviction moratorium.

Since 2021, nonetheless, the scenario has modified. The eviction moratorium expired, and Mugrabi’s divorce was settled, leaving her with $100 million and some priceless artworks. Mugrabi now claims that she owes her landlord nothing and can in truth be suing him for emotional damages in opposition to her and her youngsters.



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