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On This Day (December 8-9): Flash Meets Mopee

It’s been some time since I’ve contributed to this series, huh? Well, you’re in for an actual deal with right this moment, as a result of that is the anniversary of the day the Flash, Fastest Man Alive, met Mopee.

variety of you’ve gotten in all probability by no means heard of Mopee earlier than. That’s as a result of, like Bruno, we’re not supposed to speak about him: he’s not very popular with the fandom, to say the least. But I’m a insurgent, so I’m doing this anyway.

It all occurs in Flash #167, which begins on the night time of December 8, 1966. Flash is taking down some jewel smugglers when he abruptly catches on hearth, necessitating a fast douse in a close-by river.

Normally, when Flash makes use of his velocity, he’s protected by a particular aura that retains him (and his garments) from burning up. Now, nonetheless, one thing has taken his aura away — or reasonably, somebody. That somebody is Mopee, “initiate tenth class of the heavenly help-mates.” No, we by no means get extra of a proof than that.

And why ought to Mopee want to rob Flash of his aura, you ask? According to him, he’s the one who gave Barry his powers, so he can do no matter he needs. The imp giveth and the imp taketh away, in different phrases.

Stop poking holes in Barry’s origin story, man, it’s impolite.

As Mopee tells it, his superiors tasked him with granting a worthy human super-speed for…some cause. Mopee selected Barry and induced the lightning bolt to hit the chemical compounds that spilled throughout him and gave him his velocity. But due to a minor technicality, it seems Barry’s velocity was given to him in an “illegal” method, so Mopee now has to take these powers again. Even in heaven, one can’t escape paperwork.

Fortunately, there may be an extremely convoluted loophole that may permit Barry to maintain his powers: if he, because the Flash, can earn sufficient cash inside 24 hours to purchase the chemical compounds that hit him, Mopee can recreate the occasion that gave him his powers, and he can keep speedy perpetually. Per Barry’s near-instantaneous psychological calculations, he should earn $94.36, or $851.27 in 2022 {dollars}. (Thanks, CPI Inflation Calculator!)

So Barry places an advert within the morning paper, which is how we all know the date of this little escapade.

Flash puts an ad for work in the paper. He and Mopee soon stand before a mountain of telegrams.

Out of all of the job gives, Mopee selects one from a plastic producer who’s behind on delivering packages. It simply so occurs that the jewel smugglers from earlier hid their diamonds in one in every of these packages, a truth which permits Flash to lastly seize them whereas incomes his $94.36 for the velocity chemical compounds.

But even after completely regaining his velocity, there may be one query left: if Barry’s accident was no accident, then how did his sidekick Wally West, who obtained his powers in an an identical accident, acquire his powers?

Mopee vanishes into the night as Flash wonders how his sidekick got his powers.

This query of how Barry and Wally “really” obtained their velocity cropped up repeatedly. After Crisis on Infinite Earths rewrote actuality, it was revealed that Barry, in making an attempt to avoid wasting the multiverse, turned the lightning bolt that initially gave him powers, thus erasing Mopee’s contribution. In one other story, it was implied that the lightning strike (which was, once more, Barry himself in magic lightning kind) made Barry greater than human, and that he subconsciously willed an analogous accident to occur to Wally.

Confused but?

Look, is the Flash’s origin foolish and unbelievable? Of course. He’s a superhero. They’re all just a little foolish, whether or not we prefer to admit it or not. Why not simply go away it that means as a substitute of making an attempt to power logic the place it doesn’t belong? It’s not like Clarence Oddbody’s much less endearing cousin added any dignity to the proceedings.

As for Mopee, for a very long time, his solely different look was a surprisingly humorous cameo in Ambush Bug #3, by which he claims to be the driving power behind all of DC’s heroes, and in addition Marvel’s whereas he’s at it. (He “released a spider in the radioactivity exhibit at the university” and “arranged for Xavier to get an educational development grant,” amongst different issues.) But in mocking himself, Mopee solely highlights the pointlessness of each his personal existence and each different Flashy retcon: to take pleasure in a superhero story, you want to droop your disbelief simply sufficient to purchase the thought of a bat flying right into a window at an opportune second, or a handy assortment of chemical compounds giving a person super-speed. We’ve all accomplished it, and we’ll proceed to do it, and we don’t want just a little dude in a gown to facilitate the method.

Maybe that’s why Mopee’s solely different look, a cameo in Flash #771, recreated his debut with a way more sinister edge.

The Flash runs from Mopee, who threatens to take away his powers as lightning shoots from his hands.
When Nerds Attack

Honestly, that’s truthful. If some rando popped up simply to set me on hearth, I’d be inclined to suppose badly of him, too.

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