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How Brooke Shields Teaches Her Daughters to Handle “Nasty” Social Media Critics – E! Online

Brooke Shields desires to maintain the negativity away from her household.

Especially in terms of her daughters Rowan Francis Henchy, 19, and Grier Hammond Henchy, 16 (with husband Chris Henchy), navigating social media.

“I try to not preach too much,” the supermodel completely advised E! News. “They have been privy to me as an example their whole lives. So rather than it being ‘you should do this, you should do that,’ if I’m faced with something, I speak to them about it.”

Though she would not learn comments on social media, her children do. “They’ll say, ‘Mom, it’s amazing how nasty people can be,'” she defined. “That’s a moment for a conversation rather than dictating to them.”

And she leads by instance. As the founding father of Beginning Is Now, a web based platform and way of life model for women, “they’re seeing me start my own company,” the 57-year-old advised E!.



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