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Brad Pitt’s Constant Eating in Movies, Explained

Over the many years, from his breakout in a small however memorable function in 1991’s Thelma and Louise, to Mr and Mrs Smith, SE7EN, and Once upon a time in Hollywood, Brad Pitt has cemented his title as one in every of Hollywood’s nice. This is owed to numerous causes.

First is his appearing prowess, which has seen him earn a number of Academy Award wins and nominations, his star energy to ensure a field workplace hit, his partaking off-screen romances, and his irresistible seems that earned him the PEOPLE‘s Sexiest Man Alive title twice. Yet, whereas these components are discernible formulae for Hollywood success, one factor that is still a subject of amusement, for some marvel, is the fixed snacking by the characters he performs and the films he stars in.


Fun reality: in response to Insider, Pitt has eaten in 60 motion pictures he has appeared in. That is numerous urge for food. A Reddit consumer estimates he has consumed about 4988 energy on-screen. These meals embody nachos, bagels, cheeseburgers, French fries, twinkies, cookies, burritos, sandwiches and extra. But why? Could Pitt’s consuming in motion pictures be completed with purposeful intent, or is it only a random coincidence? Here is our rationalization.

Commercial Success

Warner Bros. Pictures

The very first thing folks seen about Pitt was his consuming habits in Ocean’s Eleven. In the film, Pitt performs Rusty, one in every of Danny Ocean’s comrades, in a major Las Vegas theft. He spent a good portion of the runtime consuming snacks when he wasn’t getting his arms soiled, making an attempt to learn the way to steal thousands and thousands. According to a Reddit consumer, “The more calories Brad Pitt consumes, the higher ratings his films receive, and the more money it earns at the box office”. When Pitt eats 200+ energy in a movie (Ocean’s Eleven and Meet Joe Black), the movie earns $143+ million. If he eats 0-200 energy, his film earns $110 million; when he doesn’t eat in any respect, the field workplace earnings keep inside the vary of $68 million.

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It is Attractive

Babylon Brad Pitt
Paramount Pictures

One apparent rationalization for this amusing idea is Pitt’s bodily enchantment. Because the viewers will obsess over Pitt doing virtually something, to some extent, his consuming is satisfying to look at, similar to in style ASMR content material. This is one more reason Pitt’s jaws are at all times shifting: it retains folks watching. An A-list actor grabbing a snack in entrance of an viewers delivers the identical emotional reward impact as watching a celeb shopping for gasoline at a gas station. It purposely but subconsciously connects Pitt and the viewers all through, and past, the consuming scene.

Eat Acting

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio
Sony Pictures Releasing

Because actors do not truly eat the meals throughout their takes, there’s a particular methodology often known as “eat acting.” Some consuming scenes could require a number of takes, and because of this, eat appearing is required. It entails the actors biting the meals, chewing, and spitting out whereas the digital camera is away or a take is full. Interestingly, this can be a craft Pitt has perfected over time. Pitt’s lifelike eat-acting is the foremost motive why there’s a complete dialog about this within the first place.

Focus on the Character

Brad Pitt in Interview with the Vampire (1994)
Warner Bros.

When requested about this frequent behavior in an interview with Joe.ie, the Once upon a time in Hollywood star lastly supplied the reply, we now have all been speculating. In the interview, Pitt said that he likes to take fast bites: “I like to busy myself, I’m a grazer by nature,” he stated. However, he added that intentionality was put into why he at all times eats within the Ocean’s motion pictures. “There was actually a method to that because [his character] was always on the run, always on the move, I figured he could never sit down and have a proper meal. So he always had to grab something on the run.”

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By doing this, Pitt’s fixed consuming in motion pictures is a further layer of his character’s depth that’s evident in his outstanding movies. For instance, Billy Beane’s constant snacking in Moneyball demonstrates his desperation and emphasis to win the baseball event. In different eventualities, his consuming sample is integral to the film’s theme and plot. For instance, in Meet Joe Black, Pitt performs demise trapped in a person’s physique. Because Pitt performs demise, he ‘eat-acts’ like a personality simply launched to meals. It’s all about highlighting the movie’s subject. Many people have died, and civilizations have crumbled, all to demise’s witness. And when he lastly reaches human form and beneficial properties senses, his favourite meals is peanut butter.

Another situation the place Brad Pitt’s consuming provides better element to his character is in Interview with the Vampire. By strictly feeding on rats, Pitt’s vampire character, Loius de Pointe du lac, reveals his empathy for people and defines himself as a great vampire. One approach or the opposite, in any movie Brad Pitt eats, he instils his meals mannerism into the character and plot he’s working with.

The idea that Pitt eats in his movies is barely one of many many fascinating details about his most acknowledged roles and appearing model. His latest movie, Bullet Train, isn’t any totally different. In between brawls, Pitt eats wasabi peas in lots of sequences of the action-comedy thriller. It’s a norm followers have picked up on and would proceed to look at.



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