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Brendan Fraser Clarifies How to Correctly Pronounce His Last Name

You could or could not have been saying Brendan Fraser‘s identify incorrectly. For lots of the actor’s followers, they’re studying that they are part of the latter class after listening to positively pronounce Fraser’s final identify appropriately. Though the identify is spelled in another way, it is typically pronounced as “Frasier,” like the 1990s sitcom starring Kelsey Grammer. Countless followers have spent years referring to Fraser this fashion, however because it seems, they have been saying it mistaken.

In Variety’s newest Actors on Actors interview with Fraser and Adam Sandler, the 2 cleared the air as soon as and for all in terms of the pronunciation. Sandler himself, regardless of his longtime friendship with Fraser, launched his Airheads co-star by saying his identify as “Brendan Frasier,” questioning if he was saying the identify precisely. That’s when Fraser clarified that the right pronunciation rhymes with “razor,” as within the shaving utensil. It’s simply as arduous for Sandler to just accept as it’s for the followers who’ve gotten accustomed to the opposite means of claiming it.


“I’m gonna say ‘Frasier’ anyway. Let me say ‘Frasier,'” Sandler jokes.

“Okay, f*ck it, nobody’s ever gotten my name right,” Fraser relents.

Testing out an alternate introduction with the right pronunciation, Sandler provides, “Ladies and gentlemen, Brendan Fraser! See? It doesn’t sound right.”

“It felt good though!” Fraser laments.

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Fans Can’t Believe They’ve Gotten Brendan Fraser’s Name Wrong


Fans are wrestling with this correction, as Sandler did within the Variety video. Tweets from followers feeling embarrassed or awkward concerning the mistake have been going viral, displaying simply how widespread the wrong means of claiming the identify had turn into. As one fan realizes, “I’ve been saying brendan fraser’s name wrong for years.”

“PSA: Just learned Brendan Fraser pronounces his last name as if it rhymes with ‘razor’ and we’ve all been saying it wrong this whole time including me,” says another person.

And hoping that all of us be taught from this and band collectively to make sure all of us say his identify the suitable means to any extent further, one other fan tweeted, “Today I learned it’s pronounced ‘Brendan Fraser’ (as in blazer, laser, taser). And I just think that if we’re all rooting for him and lovin’ the guy– as we SHOULD– we should also start saying his name right.”

No matter the way you say his identify, one good approach to assist Fraser can be to exit and see his new film, The Whale, which is now enjoying in theaters.



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