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Every Movie Directed by David Lowery, Ranked

David Lowery is a author and director who has been making films since his childhood. His work ranges from grounded and solemn indie films similar to Aint them Bodies Saints to fantastical fairytales like Pete’s Dragon and the upcoming Peter Pan & Wendy, and those who stand within the center similar to The Green Knight. He sums this up nicely himself in an interview with IndieWire through which he says, “As an audience member I like having to do work, but I also like being taken on a ride.” Which explains the spectrum he works on.

Throughout his profession, Lowery’s fearless experimentation has positioned him on the forefront of indie filmmaking. He constantly pushes previous the perimeter of his profession and the state of movie-making as an entire. Alongside his characteristic movies, Lowery additionally makes time to make quick movies, and maybe it’s this observe that frequently propels his creativity ahead. Shorts are an incredible train in concise storytelling and with their decrease stakes they make room for extra experimental narratives and modes of telling them. Although the experimental nature of Lowery’s filmmaking makes his films troublesome to check, right here is each feature-length film directed by David Lowery, ranked.



6 The Old Man & the Gun

Fox Searchlight Pictures

The Old Man and the Gun exemplifies a lot of key elements of Lowery’s films. One is solely Casey Affleck, who seems in half of his films — right here, he performs John Hunt, the detective. Another theme Lowery usually revisits is the thought of somebody being on the run. In this film, we discover Robert Redford taking part in real-life felony Forrest Tucker, who escaped from San Quentin state jail at 70 years previous. Once free from jail, Tucker conducts a collection of heists whereas being pursued by Affleck’s character.

The film was purported to be Redford’s ultimate position, though this didn’t pan out to be true, and it definitely feels prefer it was designed that means — he tells Vox: “I really wanted to make a quintessential Robert Redford movie.” While there’s nothing flawed with leaning on Redford’s allure, it does imply that this film lacks Lowery’s typical aptitude.

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5 St. Nick

St. Nick Still
Benten Films

In Lowery’s first film, now we have one other story about individuals on the run. St. Nick focuses on the opposite finish of the age spectrum with a younger brother and sister at its middle. The unnamed siblings are performed by real-life sibling duo Savanna and Tucker Sears. With little to no dialogue, their ingrained familial chemistry helps depict their wordless communication.

When we meet the siblings they’ve run from residence for an unstated purpose and are hiding within the woods wherever they will discover shelter. This premise is strongly harking back to fairytales like Hasel and Gretel, although a lot darker, and this builds one other through-line, persevering with on to Pete’s Dragon and Peter Pan & Wendy. St. Nick is a strong film however as Lowery’s first, it’s not as apparently experimental as his future work.

4 Pete’s Dragon

Pete's Dragon Poster Arrives, New Trailer Coming Tomorrow

Pete’s Dragon is a live-action remake of the animated traditional of the identical title. It stars Oakes Fegley because the titular Pete alongside Bryce Dallas Howard as Grace. She finds Pete alone within the woods and discovers he has been there for six years. He tells her he managed to remain alive because of his pal Elliott the dragon. When Grace returns to the woods with Pete, a person catches sight of Elliott. When he is not believed, he decides he should seize the dragon as a way to show himself.

Lowery’s tackle this magical story is a candy one that’s mild and feels firmly rooted despite its fantastical plot. It could also be a kids’s film, however Lowery’s route takes each second severely and doesn’t speak all the way down to its viewers.

3 Ain’t Them Bodies Saints

Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck in Aint Them Bodies Saints
IFC Films

In the final of Lowery’s on-the-run films, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints stars Rooney Mara as Ruth, Casey Affleck as Bob, and Ben Foster as Patrick. The plot begins with Ruth revealing to Bob that she’s pregnant. Soon after this, Bob commits a criminal offense with a pal that ends in a chase and a shoot-out through which Ruth by accident shoots one of many police. Bob takes the blame for her and is shipped to jail the place he stays when Ruth provides start.

Unsurprisingly, as this can be a Lowery film, Bob escapes jail to return to Ruth. Ain’t Them Bodies Saints has all the everyday Lowery trappings and charms combined in with a contact of Southern gothic. It’s slow-burning however tense, and the extreme romance is heightened by the film’s hazy panorama imagery.

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2 The Green Knight

Dev Patel as Gawain in The Green Knight

In a retelling of the traditional Arthurian story, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Lowery casts Dev Patel within the lead position as Gawain. We meet Gawain at a festive dinner which is interrupted by a inexperienced stranger on horseback who challenges any of the knights to wound him, the catch being that the knight should obtain an equal blow in return a yr from then. Gawain chops off the knight’s head and is shocked when the knight merely locations his head again on his physique.

The remainder of The Green Knight follows Gawain’s journey to satisfy the knight the following yr and ,on this, we get an inversion of Lowery’s on-the-run motif as Gawain runs towards his destiny as an alternative of away. Gawain’s epic journey is visually beautiful, with intensely wealthy colours and delightful surroundings. With Patel’s knock-out efficiency, this beautiful film is singular in its execution.

1 A Ghost Story

A Ghost Story

In some methods, A Ghost Story is Lowery’s easiest film. It options lengthy, nonetheless photographs and little or no dialogue, but it surely nonetheless packs the largest emotional punch out of his filmography. Once once more that includes Affleck and Mara because the central couple, when Affleck’s character dies, he returns to their residence as a white-sheeted ghost. What follows is an unimaginable however harrowing depiction of grief. He watches as she struggles to proceed her life after his demise, unable to console her.

Somehow, Lowery manages to make this faceless ghost into a strong protagonist regardless of being unable to talk or emote within the ordinary sense. A Ghost Story proves that Lowery is at his greatest when he’s essentially the most experimental. The uniqueness of his type right here isn’t on the expense of participating with the viewers emotionally, and that’s what makes Lowery’s work so spectacular.



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