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Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special: Did Kevin Bacon Introduce the X-Men?

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special has achieved one thing curious with Kevin Bacon. And it wasn’t simply having him sing a rockin’ Christmas track. It’s a canon factor. Ever since Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 got here out, we knew Kevin Bacon was an actual individual within the Marvel universe. Star-Lord talked about his legendary bravery and the way he saved an entire city from destruction with the ability of dance. But what Kevin Bacon made clear within the Holiday Special was that this was a film. All the exploits Peter Quill had heard about had been films. And this creates an attention-grabbing conundrum as a result of Kevin Bacon was in an X-Men film.


In ­X-Men: First Class, Kevin Bacon performed Sebastian Shaw, an alpha-level mutant that helped Magneto awaken his powers. And if all of Kevin Bacon’s films are a part of the MCU, then what was X-Men: First Class? It may imply one among two issues: both Kevin Bacon is secretly a robust mutant, or X-Men: First Class was a film within the MCU. It’s an particularly attention-grabbing prospect at a time when Marvel continues to be questioning find out how to work the X-Men into MCU lore. All of Fox’s films may have been simply that: films. But placing Kevin Bacon into The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special might need modified greater than folks count on.

Kevin Bacon’s Sebastian Shaw Is a Mutant in X-Men: First Class

twenty first Centrury Fox

The first risk of Kevin Bacon’s movies being actual within the MCU is that Kevin Bacon is definitely Sebastian Shaw or some form of simulacrum. In 2011’s X-Men: First Class, Bacon played Sebastian Shaw, a mutant with a genius-level mind able to absorbing kinetic vitality. In the film, Sebastian Shaw experimented on Erik Lensherr (Magneto) and was finally killed by the identical. But seeing Bacon within the Holiday Special would imply he will need to have survived in some way.

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In the comics, Sebastian Shaw makes use of his energy-absorbing powers to offer him a form of pseudo-immortality, so it wouldn’t be out of the query to have him reside for thus lengthy.

If the occasions of the film are true, then that might imply Kevin Bacon is a powerful mutant who has been residing amongst us beneath the assumed id of a film star, and nobody has thought any totally different. It could be one thing that Sebastian Shaw may do. Perhaps as a way to escape the racism of being a mutant, he adopted the id of Kevin Bacon in order that he may cover his powers and nonetheless achieve success. But given his position within the latest Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, it looks as if a protracted shot.

Kevin Bacon’s Movies Are Movies within the MCU

Footloose kevin bacon
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When Kevin Bacon defined to Drax and Mantis that his efficiency in Footloose was simply that, a efficiency, he unintentionally created a sequence of potentialities regarding his position in X-Men: First Class. The second risk, and one which is perhaps simpler to swallow for filmmakers, is that the X-Men films are precise films within the MCU, together with Footloose, Hollow Man, and Friday the thirteenth. It’s an attention-grabbing fluke.

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Not solely does it imply that Marvel received’t have to clarify how the earlier X-Men films match into the MCU, nevertheless it additionally offers them an out for introducing the superhero group. If the flicks are actual, it signifies that the X-Men have all the time been working within the background, however nobody felt the necessity to point out them till simply now. It additionally signifies that their superhero exploits don’t essentially must match what occurred within the films.

Bacon’s films being actual additionally means Marvel may select to recast the X-Men or not, based mostly on their discretion. For instance, you might nonetheless have Nicholas Hoult play Beast as a result of he felt performing in these fictional films was a great way for mutant-kind to succeed in out to humanity. And on the identical time, you might recast James McAvoy with another person to play Professor X as a result of the true Charles Xavier was simply too busy main the X-Men to star in a film.

Kevin Bacon gives Marvel the proper cover-up for find out how to introduce the X-Men within the MCU. It wouldn’t be exhausting to promote Marvel viewers the X-Men films as in-universe movies that had been made by the X-Men as a way to attain out to humanity. Mutants have a convention of being hated by common people, and making a collection of movies to glorify the X-Men might need been their approach of managing public relations with humanity.

These films being films contained in the MCU offers Marvel a straightforward reply to the query we’ve all been asking: how is Marvel going to combine the X-Men into the MCU? Using this informal clarification from Kevin Bacon may’ve supplied a approach out for Marvel filmmakers. Instead of some convoluted narrative twist, or every little thing taking place in one other multiverse, the X-Men films had been simply that: films!



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