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Kevin Williamson Shares Which Scream 2 Character He Regrets Killing Off

Though the Scream movies are something however missing in character deaths, the author of the slasher franchise’s second installment says there’s one character that he really regrets killing off.

In a latest interview with Entertainment Weekly, Scream 2 author Kevin Williamson shared that horror fanatic Randy Meeks (performed by Last Call‘s Jamie Kennedy) would have lived previous the second film if the screenwriter knew the franchise “was going to live and live.”

Williamson, who hasn’t written any Scream scripts because the 1997 sequel to Wes Craven’s authentic killer basic, mentioned that Randy was an unlucky casualty of necessity.


“I thought if you kill someone really important to the audience in the middle, it just ups the stakes. Everything’s off the table. I knew we weren’t going to kill Sidney [Neve Campbell], I knew we weren’t going to kill Gale [Courtney Cox] or Dewey [David Arquette]. Those three characters, for Scream 2 were safe, and so I had to look to the secondary characters,” he mentioned.

With Campbell, Cox, and Arquette’s character’s protected—at the least in the meanwhile—Williamson wanted a beloved character’s demise to additional enrage the viewers in opposition to masked killer Ghostface. Kennedy’s Randy was regretfully, essentially the most handy choice.

“I love Randy, I would have given him a much bigger life had I known this franchise was going to live and live. I would have loved for him to be a legacy character. At the time, I thought it would just be the punch in the gut the audience needed at that time, to really get mad, and get mad at the killer,” the screenwriter mentioned.

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Jamie Kennedy Says He Doesn’t Regret the Scream Franchise One Bit


While Randy met a grisly finish in Scream 2, and plans for the actor to make a shock re-appearance in future sequels fell by way of, Kennedy has no regrets about his time within the horror franchise.

In 2021, the actor recalled working with director Wes Craven and co-star Courtney Cox, telling The Hollywood Reporter:

“Wes said to me, ‘When you’re making a horror movie, the experience doesn’t have to be horrific.’ It’s one of the greatest quotes I ever heard. We made this crazy movie, but we drank wine at night and had these civilized dinners,” Kennedy mentioned.

As filming neared an finish and the actor started to face the finality of his character’s demise, issues bought emotional—however Gale actress Cox had some additional phrases of knowledge.

“Toward the end of the shoot, I was getting really sad that the movie was ending and I started to cry. Courtney was like, ‘Oh, honey. Don’t cry. This is the way it is. It’s summer camp.’ I’m like, ‘But this is my life.’ She goes, ‘No, honey. It’s only your life for three months, but we all have a bond that we’ll never forget.'”

Randy Meeks may need been brutally killed, however the Scream legacy lives on—the sixth installment, Scream 6, hacks its approach into theaters in 2023.



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