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MCU’s Avengers vs. Thunderbolts: How the Teams Differ (And How They’re Similar)

Instead of the standard Avengers journey, MCU Phase 5 is ready to conclude with Thunderbolts in 2024. While it’s one other superhero team-up film, the Thunderbolts are imagined to be a special type of workforce. A little bit of a swap, the Thunderbolts have been Marvel’s reply to DC’s Suicide Squad, and ever since their introduction in 1997’s The Incredible Hulk #449, the workforce has all the time been composed of villains. Although the workforce does not have elementary members like Iron Man or Thor for the Avengers, the seven confirmed members of the MCU’s Thunderbolts supply nice perception into the workforce and will probably be in comparison with the MCU Avengers workforce pre-Endgame.


Even although the Thunderbolts are generally thought-about the Anti-Avengers by way of tone and morality, the groups are undoubtedly not of the identical caliber when referring to energy and following. An in depth look reveals that the groups might discover that they’ve extra similarities than beforehand believed, however they will by no means be the identical.

Both the Avengers and Thunderbolts Have Repented Villains

Marvel Studios

The Avengers and the Thunderbolts truly share a well-known character, Bucky Barnes, A.Ok.A. The Winter Soldier, whose actor has displayed gratitude for being free from the shadow of Sam Wilson/Falcon’s wings.

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Both groups even have extra redeemed villains. On the Avengers are Hawkeye and Black Widow, on the Thunderbolts, Ghost and White Widow, and extra. Although given the character of the workforce, it’s uncertain that the Thunderbolts have completely left their previous behind them. Bucky should cope with the trauma of forced-mercenary actions because the Winter Soldier, and different members additionally cope with ethical points.

Also, what could also be one of the vital noticeable variations, the Thunderbolts’ less-than-perfect morality might decide their strategies and possibly would not garner approval from the likes of Captain America.

The Thunderbolts Work for the Government

Valentina Allegra de Fontaine in the MCU
Marvel Studios

The mysterious Valentina Allegra de Fontaine has been revealed because the director of the CIA in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and has been working carefully with future members of the Thunderbolts for a very long time now, together with Yelena Belova/White Widow and John Walker/U.S. Agent, more likely to get involved with the remaining quickly.

Yet, as an alternative of being a villain constructing a private hit workforce, as beforehand theorized, we will now infer that Val is definitely attempting to convey collectively a bunch of outstanding folks, as Nick Fury as soon as did with the Avengers. And primarily based on the workforce’s morality, the Thunderbolts almost definitely will not have any issues working for the American authorities as Avengers did with the Sokovia Accords.

Both Teams Like Being the Good Guys

Black Widow (2021) movie and the Thunderbolts
Marvel Studios

In the unique comics, the Thunderbolts stepped in when the Avengers have been presumed lifeless in one other dimension, however nobody knew their identities. Baron Zemo was main the workforce for his personal nefarious functions, however the remainder of the workforce truly preferred being the great guys and changed Zemo with Hawkeye.

Having completely different leaders over time, just like the Avengers, we have no idea who will lead the Thunderbolts this time round. Still, plainly Yelena has a outstanding spot within the entrance of the group photograph within the D23 launch, and plenty of followers can be excited to see how the lovable White Widow manages this tag-tag group.

But the Thunderbolts Are Losers

mcu red guardian 2nd appearance featured image Cropped
Marvel Studios

The defining distinction between the Thunderbolts from the Avengers truly comes from Thunderbolts star David Harbour, who performs Alexei Shotsakov A.Ok. A. The Red Guardian. While speaking with ComicBook‘s Phase Zero podcast, Harbor defines the Thunderbolts as “losers” who “just mess everything up… and no one gives them the respect they do like Captain America or Iron Man.”

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The Thunderbolts won’t ever be as revered because the Avengers. The Red Guardian is a Soviet knockoff of Captain America, U.S. Agent is a failed successor of Captain America, and The Winter Soldier is the closest ally and better of the true Captain America, and nonetheless does not obtain the star-spangled protect.

The Thunderbolts will possible be their very own worse enemy, as quite a lot of members have points with one another and themselves. Such a bunch of well-meaning-but-morally-skewed superpowered people is a recipe for catastrophe.

Avengers/Thunderbolts, Assemble​​​​​​

Avengers Endgame Characters in the MCU
Marvel Studios

Just because the Guardians of the Galaxy is a separate group that crossed paths with the Avengers and joined forces, so will the Thunderbolts. Coming on the finish of Phase 5, proper earlier than Fantastic 4, presumably the X-Men, and two Avengers motion pictures in Phase 6, Harbour revealed to io9 that Thunderbolts will “drop a bomb on the MCU.” Already coping with the Multiverse, for the primary time in a very long time, nobody is aware of what is going to occur within the MCU — simply due to this rag-tag workforce.



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