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Nicolas Cage’s Dracula and Renfield Relationship is Like Nothing Seen In a Dracula Movie Before

Renfield is ready to be one other impressed entry in Universal’s remodeling of the Monsters Universe, and Nicolas Cage’s Dracula goes to be distinctive.

Universal’s Dark Universe could have fallen on the first hurdle for taking itself too severely, however that has led to a extra imaginative use of the studio’s lengthy historical past with film monsters. After the trendy trauma of The Invisible Man, Renfield is taking the Dracula franchise in a very new route – with the Count being depicted as a despicable boss to his put upon servant. The comedy horror is ready to reach in theaters in April and can see Nicholas Hoult enjoying the title character, whereas Nicolas Cage will likely be delivering his standard barnstorming efficiency because the world’s most well-known vampire. However, as Skybound Entertainment CEO David Alpert advised Screen Rant, that is like nothing seen in a Dracula story earlier than. He mentioned:


“We have Renfield coming up in April, and the thing for us with Renfield was you’ve seen plenty of Dracula stories. There’s been a million Dracula stories, but I guarantee you have never seen this take on Dracula, or the notion that Renfield and Dracula are in a co-dependent relationship and that Dracula’s the ultimate narcissist. It’s one of those things that once you hear it, you’re like, “Ah, of course.” You call somebody a psychic vampire at work. You’re like, “Oh, no, no. He is not only a psychic vampire, he’s the vampire.” You play those dynamics. I don’t think we’ve ever really seen that. I think it’s always those intersections of something familiar but done in a completely different way that we love.”

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Nicolas Cage is On A Career High That Looks Set to Continue With Renfield.

Nicolas Cage Dracula Renfield
Universal Pictures

While Nicolas Cage’s Dracula shouldn’t be the central focus of Renfield, and in response to the actor, he doesn’t have loads of display screen time, his look within the film is actually probably the most intriguing components of it for a lot of followers. With the character of Dracula depicted in each manner doable, it’s not shocking that Cage drew his inspiration from one of many biggest actors ever to play the Count on display screen. He beforehand mentioned:

“Well, I had a lot of help. There were a ton of super-talented people on that movie that helped design the look. We wanted it to be more homage, more Christopher Lee. I favored Christopher Lee as Dracula and I liked his kind of sixties hairdo, but the wardrobe, the costume, and no, I didn’t come up with the idea for the rings. That all came out of a wardrobe. They came in with all that. Maybe they sent something in me that I would like that, but that was really their contribution.”

Renfield will see Cage’s Dracula because the boss of his servant Renfield, who’s in a “toxic relationship” with the blood-sucking vampire. If nothing else, Renfield wants loads of credit score for not being a straight-up remake/reboot of the Dracula story. While there may be actually a sense that the movie is a little bit of a punt for Universal, it’s that sort of experimental tackle an previous franchise that would find yourself making it successful.

Renfield will likely be launched on April 14, 2023.



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