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The Sandman: MBTI of Each of the 7 Endless Siblings

Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman has been renewed for a second season and followers are excited to see extra of the Endless return. The Netflix sequence is predicated on Gaiman’s comics of the identical title, and follows the elder sibling, Dream, as he recovers from his country-long imprisonment. Moreover, the sequence is already beloved for its mysticism, the numerous myths and legends included, and the array of advanced characters.

Of the characters which might be already beloved, there’s a lot buzz across the Endless and there’s excitement for who will kick off Delirium’s introduction. In preparation for season 2, listed here are the Myers-Briggs Types (MBTI) of the Endless and the way their temperament could be finest understood by the viewers.


1/7 Dream of the Endless: ISTJ


Dream of the Endless, generally known as Morpheus, finest identifies with the Logistician persona sort. Over the course of the sequence, Morpheus is seen, initially, as humorless and insensitive to humanity. Past his imprisonment, he grows conscious of his flaws and takes accountability for the restore of his realm in addition to coping with his previous cruelties.

His grand sense of honor aligns with the non-public integrity of the ISTJ. Morpheus can be seen to be detailed, if not meticulous, sincere, and dutiful. Moreover, just like the Logistician, his as soon as foundational marriage to Calliope stems from his devotion, though it could have failed as a consequence of his difficult nature.

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2/7 Death of the Endless: INFJ


Maternal, personable, and exceptionally compassionate, Death of the Endless most resonates with the persona of the Advocate. Of the Endless siblings, she is the kindest and most cheerful, in addition to essentially the most easygoing. Additionally, Death’s light nature is seen in her interactions with mortals, selecting to dwell in the future out of every century to dwell as a human, making her by far essentially the most empathetic of the siblings.

Moreover, Death’s position because the peacemaker among the many Endless parallels the INFJ’s seek for achievement and dedication to life’s goal. Her heat and sensitivity thus permit her to be particularly near Morpheus.

3/7 Desire of the Endless: ESTP


Desire’s spontaneity and love for video games align with the Entrepreneur. As seen within the sequence, Desire has a love for themself, their craft, and their twin, Despair, and revels in casually being cruel to their elder brother, Morpheus. Their power is often invested in plotting, particularly if it garners into being the attention of the storm.

Desire of the Endless, just like the ESTP, focuses on using their very own ethical compass based mostly on their decisions to stir hassle. In all, their notion makes them a harmful rival and, even when fastened on damaged habits, a pressure to be reckoned with.

4/7 Despair of the Endless: ISFJ

Your Guide to the Characters of Netflix’s Sandman

Unassuming and reserved, Despair of the Endless is finest captured by the Defender persona. Despair has an affinity together with her twin, Desire, and is seemingly over-committed to their relationship. Moreover, Despair is the quiet, clever sort, which ties her to the ISFJ’s desire for working behind the scenes moderately than being high-key.

Despair, whereas additionally having a smooth spot for Destruction and Delirium, has a loyalty to Desire which can depart susceptible, pressured, or open to being taken benefit of. In spite of her turbulent nature, she finds nice pleasure in her work and delights within the disappointment of others.

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5/7 Destiny of the Endless: INTJ

DC Comics

Destiny of the Endless is an observer and solely focuses on his goal which makes him the Architect persona. Compared to his siblings, future shows the least quantity of persona, a factor which would be interesting to see come alive in the series. What’s extra, his desire for privateness and single-minded drive of his perform level within the path of the INTJ.

Destiny is just not outlined by feelings however moderately his stoicism, the place the possession of his obligations makes him unbiased and closely reliant on logic and purpose. Furthermore, his mind limits his interactions and the introverted facet of the INTJ shines by way of his refusal to share any information along with his siblings.

6/7 Destruction of the Endless: ENFP

DC Comics

Destruction’s self-possession and openness to alter match that of the Campaigner persona. Unlike his siblings, Destruction ultimately abandons his realm and obligations not solely to pursue extra artistic endeavors however to keep away from being behind the scientific devastation succeeding the enlightenment.

Much just like the ENFP’s enthusiasm and sense of hope, Destruction concentrates his power on constructive tasks, even when he has little expertise, and pursues understanding his personal nature to be able to produce management over it. Additionally, his friendliness and genial nature embody his free-spirited strategy to his sibling relationships and total outlook on life.

7/7 Delight/Delirium of the Endless: ISFP

DC Comics

Delirium’s youthful and ever-changing persona is grounded in the Adventurer. Her whimsy is based by her scatterbrained nature and, maybe greater than some other sibling is extremely expressive. Delirium is usually playful and the distracted sort, however acts impulsively and fast to anger when felt crossed.

Much just like the ISFP, Delirium is spontaneous and seems as she feels: consistently altering and all the time on the spur of the second. What’s extra, she is as perceptive and considerate because the ISTP sort, seemingly within the know of many issues the opposite Endless siblings aren’t conscious of, even when she has hassle expressing herself at instances.



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