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Why John Carpenter Should Come Out of Retirement to Direct a Third Escape Movie

John Carpenter is among the few Hollywood administrators that may deal with any style. From horror classics similar to Halloween, Christine and The Thing to action-packed, Sci-Fi flicks similar to They Live and Village of the Damned, John Carpenter is a grasp in cinema. Nevertheless, there are two films which can be extra related right this moment than at their time of launch; Escape from New York and Escape from L.A. Set in a Dystopian future, these films are riddled with political undertones that mirror trendy society. Here is Why John Carpenter ought to come out of retirement to direct a 3rd Escape film.


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The first installment within the sequence, Escape from New York, is about in Dystopian 1988 New York as Manhattan is become an enormous jail to cope with crime inflation. Fast-forward a number of years to the late ’90s and New York is a hellish prison wasteland. President John Harker is on his approach to a peace summit when he’s kidnapped by an opposing group, The National Liberation Front of America. While Harker manages to flee, he quickly turns into a pawn in a sequence of occasions that lead former Lieutenant S.D. Plissken “Snake” to be blackmailed into rescuing Harker; if Snake succeeds, he’ll get a presidential pardon from his jail sentence…if he fails, he will probably be executed.


Escape from L.A. has a drastic plot and setting shift. The sequel unfolds in early 2000s Los Angeles (or as named within the film, Los Angeles Island) and as an alternative of rescuing its president, Snake should retrieve a stolen distant for him able to disabling electrical energy worldwide–the good means for any chief to manage the world via the contact of a button. This time round, Snake goes in opposition to his authentic agenda halfway and kinds an alliance with the president’s runaway daughter, Utopia. Unlike its predecessor, which provides audiences a bittersweet ending with hope for a brighter future; Escape from L.A ends on a darker observe (actually) as President Adam descends the world right into a technological shutdown. Bigoted leaders and technological dependence are society’s core dilemmas in 2022.

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Kurt Russell

Escape from New York
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Snake is not Kurt Russell‘s first time interpreting a military character, nevertheless it’s positively the best-rounded rendition from his earlier characterizations. Snake is a deadly adversary to anybody in his means, and but has the next morality than some other character in each Escape films. Snake recoils by the reprehensible actions of each presidents, and by Escape from L.A’s conclusion, he accepts that anarchy is the higher different over the dictatorship the world is heading in. John Carpenter does a wonderful job at directing Kurt Russell into expressing the complexities of an anti-hero caught in utter hopelessness.

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Escape From New York
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It is disturbing to think about a society engulfed in anarchy, however to see it happen onscreen holds a higher impact. John Carpenter takes two of the most well-liked cities within the U.S. and turns them into the epicenter of social decay. For two of the world’s most populated, technologically geared up cities to fall into anarchy is horrifying. What’s extra unsettling is their fictitious leaders profiting from the state of affairs to create dictatorships, as an alternative of uniting with their residents; a state of affairs that appears derived from latest information headlines had it not been conceived over thirty years in the past.

Chase Scenes

Escape from LA (1)
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It’s no shock that John Carpenter can direct intense chase scenes; in any case, he gave audiences the long-lasting chase between Laurie and Michael Myers in Halloween. Both Escape from New York and Escape from L.A. have Snake operating, leaping, and combating criminals in apparently choreographed and notably, justified chase scenes; none of them fall into redundancy. The standout chase happens in Escape from L.A’.s climatic struggle between Snake, his allies, and Cuervo in Anaheim’s “Happy Kingdom.” It’s extremely entertaining to see a bloody struggle with humanity’s livelihood within the stability happen inside a fictional Disneyland.


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John Carpenter’s movies are profitable not solely resulting from their gore, action-packed scenes, and their vicious villains; Carpenter creates almost insurmountable battle to propel characters and occasions. Snake is a nuanced protagonist; he has no qualms in committing theft and homicide to outlive, however however has a powerful ethical compass. He refuses a high-ranking job alternative by the tip of Escape from New York when realizing Harker is a conniving bigot. In Escape from L.A., the stakes are significantly heightened; it isn’t a matter of rejecting a reward or having his life spared; Snake completes his mission and prices Utopia her life, or he abandons it and has the president’s military launch a full assault in opposition to them. Spike is a staple Carpenter hero; perpetually conflicted and dealt life to loss of life stakes.

A Master of Filmmaking

John Carpenter
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Whether for a 3rd installment within the Escape franchise or just to direct one other film, John Carpenter is a missed expertise in Hollywood. He gave audiences the long-lasting horror franchise, Halloween; he made any enemy out of mom nature with The Fog, and crafts a touching romance with Starman. John Carpenter reinvigorates audiences in a fashion definitive of filmmaking.



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