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Why Mike Flanagan’s The Midnight Club Deserves a Season 2

Much just like the terminal diagnoses the characters in The Midnight Club obtained, Netflix reduce quick the lives that the viewers was attending to know. After just one season of the Mike Flanagan collection, the streaming service has determined to tug the plug even with the filmmaker already planning a second season.

Based on the writing by writer Christopher Pike, The Midnight Club follows the lives of a gaggle of terminally ailing youngsters that reside in a hospice known as Brightcliffe. Each affected person dwelling in Brightcliffe Hospice has a distinct outlook on life, their prognosis, and what occurs after they die. As the season progresses, the viewers be taught extra about every character’s struggles and coping mechanisms.


The collection introduces the primary character, Ilonka (performed by Iman Benson). Her life’s objective of attending Stanford after highschool is turned the wrong way up after her most cancers prognosis. After failed remedies and the revelation that her prognosis was terminal, Ilonka decides to reside in Brightcliffe Hospice for the rest of her time. When the viewers will get taken to Brightcliffe, the opposite characters and the backstory of the home and grounds get launched.

We Need More Time With the Midnight Club Members


Each character has wildly completely different personalities and outlooks which come by means of within the particular person storytelling throughout the Midnight Club’s secret conferences. As a means of coping with the ever-approaching destiny of every particular person and absolutely the unknown of the afterlife, the characters cope by assembly up in secret to inform scary but heartfelt tales dealing with heartbreak and demise. As they inform a brand new story or a continuation of 1 they already began, the bonds between them develop even within the face of unavoidable demise.

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It quickly turns into clear that the tales are usually not solely a means to deal with demise but in addition for the characters to deal with the happenings surrounding demise. They are all trying to find solutions to what occurs after they move, and so they every promise the group that when one in all them dies, they may discover a technique to talk with everybody else from the opposite facet.

As extra about every character, extra is realized about the home’s historical past and grounds by means of Ilonka’s curiosity and dedication. In a sluggish burn of reality dodging and revelations, it turns into clear that this Brightcliffe Hospice is no ordinary house. Once they consider the home and the grounds maintain some magical therapeutic properties, it turns into Ilonka’s focus to make use of this to assist herself and her fellow housemates. She learns of a earlier resident of the hospice years earlier than her time there that carried out a ritual of types within the basement of the home. After this ritual, the resident by the identify of Julia Jane was by all accounts healed of her terminal prognosis and left Brightcliffe to reside the remainder of her life. Ilonka took it upon herself to observe the breadcrumbs of this thriller, all of the whereas nonetheless taking part within the Midnight Club’s nightly conferences. Here she shares within the listening to and telling of tales, however she additionally begins to clue her housemates in about her discoveries in hopes that they are going to be keen individuals in the identical ritual Julia Jane took half in.

The characters’ journey exhibits a private transformation and a rising bond amongst them. As the episodes progress, we see characters with an excessive dislike for others develop to have nearer relationships. The starkest distinction in relationships was between the main character Ilonka and her abrasive however witty roommate Anya (performed by new actress Ruth Codd). Struggling with going through her mortality, Anya resented Ilonka for her optimistic outlook and try at a holistic method to therapeutic.

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Through her story and her actions, the viewers learns that Anya will doubtless be the following to move. The fast-approaching demise and the looks of a darkish shadow kick Ilonka’s objective of efficiently finishing the ritual into overdrive. She does the whole lot she will to arrange the ritual to attempt to heal Anya earlier than demise comes for her. It is right here that the closeness these two roommates shaped actually shines. Anya’s concern of demise and Ilonka’s tenacity encourage the group to finish the ritual.

The Season One Finale Left Many Unanswered Questions

Ruth Codd as Anya in the Netflix series The Midnight Club

After the ritual, the viewers be taught two issues. The first is that it doesn’t work for Anya. Her physique succumbs to her terminal most cancers, and she or he dies in her sleep. However, Sandra (performed by Annarah Cymone) will get the information that she was misdiagnosed as terminal, and she or he will get dwelling. This begs the query of did the ritual really work however for the fallacious resident? The season ends with this query and lots of others going unanswered.

As Anya’s damaged ballerina determine is in some way miraculously mounted, may this be Anya from past giving an indication to her mates? Amesh’s (performed by Sauriyan Sapkota) situation may be very quickly declining. Could he be the following within the hospice to move? And how will that have an effect on his relationship with Natsuki (performed by Aya Furukawa)? What, if something, will occur between Ilonka and Kevin (Igby Rigney) now that he has damaged up together with his girlfriend? Will Spencer (William Chris Sumpter) discover a therapy for his HIV prognosis? Will the viewers ever actually know Cheri (Adia)? And in all probability a very powerful query left unanswered: simply what’s Doctor Georgina Stanton (Heather Langenkamp) hiding from the residents of Brightcliffe Hospice?

The season finale is about up completely for the following season to delve into all of those unanswered questions. Fans of the present and director Mike Flanagan deserve a follow-up season to play out the remainder of the tales that have to be informed. One can solely hope that one other season of this present will be made as Flanagan moves to Amazon from Netflix.



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