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Worst Politicians in Film and TV, Ranked

As voters, we must always be capable to depend on and belief these in cost. They ought to be beacons of hope of morals, freed from corruption and greed. Of course, they only aren’t. For each Bill Pullman saving the world in Independence Day, there’s a Dick in Frost/Nixon. While Harrison Ford’s action-ready President advised terrorists to get off his aircraft in Air Force One, John Hurt dominated a futuristic Britain with an iron fist in V For Vendetta.

Through movie, these typically cartoonish actual life characters could be stretched and pushed to a breaking level in their very own dastardly schemes. Below, we rank a few of the ones we reckon are essentially the most nefarious, moronic, and memorable.



9 President Camacho – Idiocracy

twentieth Century Fox

Former wrestler Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Camacho now finds himself the commander in chief of a world of morons and mountains of rubbish in Idiocracy. As the world collapses round them, Camacho is an all singing all dancing machine gun silencing President of the individuals. In all equity, he’s attempting his greatest. Without any irony, that is one way or the other maybe the most effective and worst President dedicated to celluloid.

Echoing actual life, creator Mike Judge would reincorporate the character alongside a really recreation Terry Crews to parody Donald Trump’s election marketing campaign.

8 Tracy Flick – Election

Renee Zelwegger casts a vote with a smile in Election
Paramount Pictures

Again, maybe not evil, however definitely morally grey, Tracy Flick is the right brown-noser, who will do something to be Student President. Driven and egotistical, Tracy is not dangerous per se, however is not essentially good both, figuring out that if she continues at this tempo she will be able to get something she needs. She’s opportunism personified.

Hatching a plan to dethrone the woman, historical past instructor Jim (Mathew Broderick) urges a likable jock to enter the election towards her. But the true battle comes from Tracy and Jim, who’re ready to do something to get what they want. Electionstays a implausible satire of highschool and American politics.

7 Harriet Jones & The Slitheen – Doctor Who

Harriet Jones & The Slitheen Doctor Who

Masquerading as these in energy, the Slitheen, bulbous inexperienced aliens with child faces and lengthy arms, are utilizing human pores and skin as fits to cover in plain sight. The Slitheen grow to be favorite new villains for the David Tennant period of Doctor Who, and greater than resemble the United Kingdom’s present authorities underneath an equally evil Tory stranglehold.

Harriet Jones (Penelope Wilton, who followers might keep in mind as Shaun of the Dead‘s mum), who would assist save the day towards the Slitheen, would ultimately work her method as much as Prime Minister herself in a later collection. Showing her true character, when the Sycorax invaded London at Christmas she would have their ship destroyed as they retreated as a present of drive.

6 Mayor West – Family Guy

Adam West Will Return in 5 More Family Guy Episodes

Voiced by the late, nice Adam West, “zany” would not cowl the half of Mayor West’s rule over the town. Crazed and flamboyant (and 95% helium), he would date Meg for a bit bit, or flip-flop in radioactive waste in a bid to achieve superpowers (he received most cancers). He’s additionally seen straight up murdering Quahog residents on a number of events.

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Following West’s one-episode visitor spot on Johnny Bravo (of which Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane was a author), enjoying the identical form of excessive caricature of himself, a daily spot on Family Guy made a wierd quantity of sense. After West’s passing, he would get replaced within the present by Sam Elliot for some cause — who has solely did not measure as much as the hole left behind by the good actor who played Batman.

5 Mayor “Diamond” Joe Quimby – The Simpsons

Mayor Quimby at podium, Simpsons

Corrupt and consistently bumbling, Quimby has been a staple of The Simpsons from the beginning. More than completely satisfied to be an adulterer and ready to take bribes, Quimby represents the fragility of a city as primary as Springfield. In the crossover episode with Family Guy, Quohog’s Mayor West and Springfield’s Mayor Quimby depart the courtroom to go smoke weed.

During the Covid 19 lockdowns within the United Kingdom, Britain’s personal Prime Minister on the time (and London’s former mayor) Boris Johnson was one in all a number of accused of touring to a overseas nation for a stint away. This mirrored Quimby’s personal press convention tackling Springfield’s personal lethal airborne virus, reside from the Bahamas.

4 Richard Nixon – Futurama

Richard Nixon's Head Futurama
twentieth Century Fox

Re-elected sooner or later (successful by a single vote), the disembodied head of Richard Nixon is made out to be a straight-up villain in Futurama. On the prospect of successful the election he guarantees to “sell children’s organs to zoos for meat and go into people’s houses and wreck up the place.”

With the right-hand man in a headless Spiro Agnew, and a big killing demise robotic as a torso, Nixon is a frequent antagonist for the Planet Express gang whereas usually being relied on to be the de facto ‘man in cost’ in lots of episodes, regardless of committing treason and bodily destroying the White House.

3 Oswald Cobblepott / The Penguin – Batman Returns

Danny DeVito as the Penguin in Batman Returns
Warner Bros.

There’s one thing so fantastic that somebody so vile and downright evil as The Penguin, who eats uncooked fish and has black blood, appears the perfect candidate to rule over Gotham City. The disturbing factor is that there is not any actual downside, solely when a tape reveals that Cobblepott (Danny DeVito) is more than pleased to promote its residents down the river for his personal functions.

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Outed, Penguin hatches a daft plan to steal all of Gotham’s youngsters, identical to he was deserted as a toddler.

2 Mayor Vaughn – Jaws

Amity Island in Jaws
Universal Pictures

Consistently rebuffing Chief Brody’s warnings, the mayor of Amity in Jaws is set to maintain the seashores open for summer season and the tourism commerce. And he is received to, proper? A little bit seaside city like Amity wants all of the enterprise it may possibly get! Seen in persistently dangerous fits, Mayor Vaughn (Murray Hamilton) is a skeptic, a no-hoper who stubbornly ignores the indicators in entrance of him for the sight of vacationers’ {dollars}. Whereas the shark is the specter of the film, it is Vaughn who’s the story’s villain.

A present meme going round in the mean time is the significance in displaying as much as elections. Despite a number of individuals dying in Jaws, the mayor continues to be in energy by the sequel, the place he’s arguably even worse of an individual.

1 Emperor Palpatine – Star Wars

Ian McDiarmid in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi (1983)
twentieth Century Fox

A residing embodiment of energy corrupting, the white sagged pores and skin and yellow eyes of Palpatine rule over the galaxy with the unmistakable drive of the Galactic Empire. Rising his method up the ranks by shmoozing and manipulating these he wished near him and killing all the remainder, Palpatine is well-detailed within the Star Wars prequel trilogy and a disturbing overlord within the originals.

Setting himself other than any others on the listing, with lightsaber abilities of his personal, blue lightning from his fingertips and unstoppable henchman in a single Darth Vader, Palpatine stays the Star Wars universe’s Big Bad (regardless of the actual fact his most up-to-date look got here off as pandering fan service).



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