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Chhavi Mittal replies to troll who said she’s trying to gain sympathy with Instagram posts: ‘Cancer chose me’

Chhavi Mittal has responded to a social media person who mentioned that the actor’s current put up, on her first response to her breast cancer information, was to ‘gain sympathy’. Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, Chhavi shared a screenshot of the comment which read, “Ohh you are again here to gain some sympathy and PR.” (Also Read | Chhavi Mittal wants to ‘feel normal’ as she completes two months since most cancers surgical procedure)

Sharing it, Chhavi captioned her put up, “This comment was there on my post yesterday where I talked about how I braced the cancer news… sitting amongst lots of other beautiful comments. Supriya, I didn’t choose cancer, it chose me. The emotional trauma that a cancer survivor goes through cannot be expressed in words or gestures. Even the ones closest to them cannot fathom it. And you can’t even imagine the courage it takes me to speak about it on a public forum.”

“Although the courage you have shown to troll a cancer fighter is also pretty commendable. And just like you cannot imagine my thoughts behind doing this… even I can’t imagine the amount of trauma you must have gone through in your life to feel feelings of this extent of negativity. Just like I share everything else on social media, I will share my prayer for you here too. May you get peace within (folded hand emoji). #peace,” she concluded.

Chhavi shared a screenshot of the remark.

Reacting to the put up, a couple of of Chhavi’s followers requested her to disregard such feedback. An individual wrote, “You just ignore all these inhuman people. You have been strength to so many people. Keep up the good work.” Another fan mentioned, “You are a fighter. Your positivity is above all the negativity.” Sharing the put up on her Instagram Stories, she wrote ‘lolz before trolls’ and ‘this happened’.

Sharing the post on her Instagram Stories, she wrote ‘lolz before trolls’ and ‘this happened’.
Sharing the put up on her Instagram Stories, she wrote ‘lolz before trolls’ and ‘this happened’.

On Monday, Chhavi posted a video as she recalled the time when her physician known as her to tell that she had breast most cancers. In the clip, Chhavi mentioned, “You know that when the biopsy result is positive, then the lab doesn’t send you a report, it’s the doctor who calls you. When the doctor called me I knew that this is not the name that I want to see flash on my screen and there must be a problem. But thankfully at that time fear was not my first reaction, panic was not my first reaction.”

She added, “My first reaction was that I’m going to let this sink in and this is real, this is happening. Now let’s see what we have to do to tackle it. I understood this is something that needs to be done and there’s no point in panicking about it. Let’s just face it bravely and do the best we can.” Part of her caption learn, “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. Breast Cancer has taught me that only you can win your battle.”

Earlier in April, Chhavi revealed that she was identified with early-stage breast most cancers. The actor has been sharing posts on Instagram talking about her journey along with her followers. Chhavi is greatest identified for exhibits reminiscent of Bandini and the YouTube sequence The Better Half.



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