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‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ plot holes have fans worried for ‘Ahsoka’

Image by way of Vanity Fair / Justin Lubin

Disney Plus’ upcoming Ahsoka is predicted to closely characteristic fan-favorite villain Grand Admiral Thrawn. First launched within the Legends continuity, however occurring to reappear in Star Wars: Rebels, Thrawn is taken into account a tactical and army genius gentle years past your common Galactic Empire bozo.

Having somebody truly clever, calculating, and pushed on the helm of Imperial firepower is a scary prospect, as a lot of the Empire’s main defeats got here from their vanity, slicing corners, and easily being outwitted by the artful Rebels. But Obi-Wan Kenobi has some fans on r/StarWars nervous we would not get the Thrawn we deserve.

The wrongdoer is the iffy writing, pointing to Obi-Wan Kenobi‘s finale where Vader chose to redirect his Star Destroyer to pursue his former Master, then chose to take a separate shuttle afterward to follow him to the planet. As the poster justifiably points out, “why didn’t Vader simply take his shuttle to start with” and let the Star Destroyer proceed to chase the remaining refugees? In addition, a Star Destroyer comes with a full complement of TIE Fighters that might monitor and destroy this craft. How come they didn’t use them?

Thrawn in ‘Star Wars: Rebels’

Why is that this such a giant drawback? If Ahsoka‘s Thrawn suffers from the same “contrived” writing, then it’ll undermine him being a grasp tactician, which is sort of your entire level of the character. We can solely agree that the screenwriters are going to must “work harder” to get this character proper.

The counterargument made in lots of replies is that there are a lot of examples all through the franchise (and in actual life) the place supposed army geniuses make boneheaded selections.

It’s value remembering that Thrawn hasn’t even been formally confirmed to look in Ahsoka, so this will all simply be worrying about nothing. Even so, if he does, let’s hope they get him proper.

Ahsoka will premiere on Disney Plus in early 2023.



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