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Sanjay Gagnai reveals being rejected for more than 100 TV shows and 500 TV commercials

Actor Sanjay Gagnani shared a protracted put up few days again to lastly announce his exit from TV present Kundali Bhagya after taking part in the lead antagonist for nearly seven years. As the actor seems ahead to taking part in various characters which have been provided to him after the present’s success, he remembers the preliminary part of his profession when he struggled and confronted immense rejections.

Sanjay Gagnani not too long ago left the present Kundali Bhagya.

“When I was doing my graduation, I used to come all the way from Pune to Mumbai only to give auditions and I used to get rejected left, right and centre. That was very demotivating for me. I did not know why that happened, but if I was rejected by so many directors and casting agent, perhaps I was not up to the mark. And do be up to the mark, I had to work harder. I did not blame anyone else,” recounts the actor.

After a couple of years, Gagnani shifted to Bombay (now Mumbai), however issues didn’t enhance a lot for him. He tells us, “I must have been rejected by 500 TV commercials and more than 100 TV shows. I have been a part of shows, which did not work for more than 3 months. I have been part of films that did not release, or where my role was not noticed. I was also a part of a film where I was promised something and wasn’t delivered that. So I have been through each and everything that an actor from a non-filmy background faces.”

But Gagnani by no means gave up hope and by no means took the rejection to coronary heart. And at the moment, as he has develop into a well-liked face of TV, he desires to thanks all these individuals who didn’t consider in him. “There were a lot of people who did not even support me or believe in me, but now I want to thank them because they made me work harder in life. They made me believe in myself more. I took their doubts in me as a challenge, and today, I am in a much happier place,” he says.

What saved him transferring on the trail was an early realization that issues gained’t be simple for him within the business. “I knew that I had no filmi-background and for someone new, making a career here is no piece of cake,” he says, and goes on, “But during these hard times, the only thing that kept me motivated was my family. There was a time when I was going through a very low point in life, but instead of bearing it all alone, I shared my problems with them, and that helped. I believe, if someone’s motivation is their family, you cannot break them easily. Even today, I wake up with the thought of making them proud,” he ends.



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