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‘Star Wars’ supporters wonder how many minions actually met the Emperor face-to-face when blindly following orders

There’s lengthy been an odd disconnect in Star Wars between the chilling professionalism of the Galactic Empire and the cackling wrinkly house wizard that runs the present. Various media have proven us that these working for the Empire typically see themselves as merely offering order to a chaotic galaxy and bettering the methods they management. Then once more, in the event you’re taking orders from a man who appears just like the literal embodiment of evil, you may begin to query whether or not you’re actually within the ethical clear.

So, what number of rank-and-file Imperial officers truly took orders from the Emperor, and the way intently was his picture managed? That’s being debated on r/StarWars, with Andor‘s Dedra Meero held up as an example of someone who might question their allegiance if they saw their boss:

One thing to consider is that Emperor Palpatine’s look wasn’t a intently guarded secret. The Emperor blamed his sinister visage on the Jedi, saying they did this to him after they got here to arrest him in Revenge of the Sith. Beyond that, he nonetheless delivered speeches and proclamations.

That mentioned, it’s impossible {that a} mere officer like Meero would ever meet him nose to nose:

It’s additionally famous that merely being close to Palpatine enables you to sense his evil, even in the event you’re not in tune with the Force:

It’s in all probability sensible for the Emperor to maintain his interior circle as small as potential, even when meaning hanging out with stuffy Admirals and the perpetually gloomy Darth Vader all day:

But apparently, it’s not unknown for Palpatine to simply decide up a telephone and inform an underling what wants doing:

It’s additionally value mentioning that Vader’s job is finishing up the desire of the Emperor, and judging by the way in which he effortlessly intimidates everybody round him, we don’t see the necessity for the Emperor to actively be current to order individuals round. This is maybe confirmed by the nervousness of the second Death Star command after they realized Palpatine could be showing in individual to examine the station.

But maybe one of the simplest ways to take a look at it’s that Palpatine is an unexpectedly good CEO and is ready to effectively delegate work.



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