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‘Stranger Things’ fan discovers sly foreshadowing of character’s dark fate



Warning: This article incorporates spoilers for Stranger Things 4 quantity 2.

Just as followers had been fearing since quantity one dropped again in May, the newly launched second quantity of Stranger Things 4 went forward and killed off a beloved fan-favorite.

While people had been heartbroken by the event, they weren’t shocked, because the writing was on the wall for this character all season. For extra proof that their demise was at all times on the playing cards, a sly piece of foreshadowing has been found that predicts their darkish destiny.

So, sure, the character in query is, after all, Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn). After spending all season in hiding, Eddie decides it’s time to play hero when he faces down a horde of demobats single-handed. In the wake of his brave demise, then, followers have realized that an ominous trace at his demise has been hanging round Eddie all season, within the type of his tattoo.

As Twitter consumer @kierstenfarris identified, Eddie has a tattoo on his decrease proper arm depicting a bunch of bats. Before hand, this appeared like a innocent nod to his love of heavy metal-related imagery, however now the ink takes on a a lot darker that means.

While it’s apparent that Eddie’s demise was at all times set in stone, creators the Duffer brothers could also be wishing they hadn’t killed him off so quickly, because the character has certainly turn into way more of a success with viewers than they might have predicted. Like Bob and Barb earlier than him, Eddie is the most recent lovable supporting participant that followers want had lived longer. At this level, although, all we are able to ask for is for his identify to be cleared and his standing as a hero restored. Quinn, for one, is hoping season 5 will just do that.

Stranger Things 4 is now out there in its entirety on Netflix.



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