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Tina Datta’s mom slams Sreejita De for calling daughter ‘homebreaker’ on Bigg Boss 16: ‘Kya woh proof de payegi?’

Sreejita De talked about Tina Datta in a Bigg Boss 16 episode in December 2022. She instructed co-contestant Soundarya Sharma that Tina was jealous of everybody and wished male consideration. Sreejita additionally stated that Tina had tried to interrupt relationships of different individuals as a result of her personal insecurities. She had known as Tina ‘sadist’ and ‘lonely.’ Now, Tina Datta’s mom Madhumita has reacted to Sreejita’s claims about her daughter. Also learn: Sreejita De says Tina Datta tries to ‘break families’

In a brand new interview, Madhumita stated that she desires to ask Sreejita about her assertion, as soon as she is out of Bigg Boss 16. She additional stated Tina’s father was upset in regards to the comment and ‘wanted a solution with proof’. Madhumita additionally spoke about why she didn’t ask Sreejita about the identical, when she went contained in the Bigg Boss home throughout a latest episode.

“I felt BB (Bigg Boss) house wasn’t the right place to question Sreejita. I didn’t want to get an answer on the show. I want an answer from her outside the house. Aisa bola gaya hain ki (it has been said on the show that) she (Tina) broke a lot of homes. Toh use (Sreejita) kam se kam 4-5 ghar dikhana padega with proof (She would show at least 4-5 such homes). If Tina has indeed broken homes, toh vo log bhi toh bahar aayenge na (the people whose homes Tina has allegedly broken, should also speak). On one hand, you (Sreejita) say we are not friends, when Tina has already said that they are friends. You can only comment, when you are good friends and share things with each other. If I had scolded her (Sreejita) ya doh baatein sunayi hoti, toh kya milta mujhe (What was the point of getting angry with her on the show)? Kuch nahi milne wala (I would have gained nothing). Jo jawab usko dena hai vo bahar aake de (She would come out of the house and clarify her statement). Because Tina’s father wants an answer. That day itself, her father said he needed an answer with proof,” Madhumita instructed India Today.

She additional added, “Usne Tina ko niche kiya toh usne khudko niche giraya. Vo bhi aisi baat ki jisme one percent sacchai nahi hain. Kya bahar aake woh proof de payegi (Sreejita lowered her standard in trying to insult Tina. What she said is not true; will she be able to show any proof when she comes out of Bigg Boss 16)?” Why would you say one thing when you have no proof? Then she stated Tina ne ghar toda, isliye uska ghar nahi basa. In right now’s occasions, there are such a lot of ladies and boys, who do not need to get married. Unhe akele rehna hai. So does that imply she (Tina) is a housebreaker and has not settled down? Has she (Sreejita) gotten married but? Uski shaadi hogayi kya? Kisko area of interest giraya usne? Bengali hoke Bengali ko area of interest giraya (Sreejita additionally stated Tina broke different individuals’s residence and therefore she continues to be single. So many individuals right now need to keep single, does that make Tina a homebreaker? Is Sreejita married herself? She tried to drag down a fellow Bengali).”

Sreejita had stated to Soundarya in an earlier episode, “Oh God, I know her (Tina) so well babe, bohot logo ke ghar todne ki koshish kari hai, khud ka ghar isliye nhi basa paayi (She has tried to break relationships of others’ and hence, she has not been able to find a partner for herself).” Further talking about Tina, Sreejita had stated, “It is karma, she is so lonely, teen saal pehle jab baat hoti thi humaari, it is so difficult to get love, Sreejita. Ek baar hum trip pe gye the (We went for a trip), that night I got to know she is sadist, maine kaan pakad liye mai kabhi nhi jaaun zindagi mai. Ladko se koi problem nhi hai, ladko se sirf attention chaiye (I decided I won’t go anywhere with her in my life. She doesn’t have problem with men, she wants attention from them). She is full of jealousy and negativity.”



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