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Crash danger shows why F1 drivers’ salaries should not be capped – Perez · RaceFans


The large crash firstly of the British Grand Prix was a reminder of the hazard Formula 1 drivers face, says Sergio Perez.

Alexander Albon was taken to hospital for checks following yesterday crash and later discharged. Zhou Guanyu, whose automobile cleared a tyre barrier and struck a particles fence, was additionally cleared after visiting the circuit medical centre.

Perez stated the dangers F1 drivers face justifies the salaries they obtain and reveals why the game mustn’t place a restrict on how a lot they’re paid.

F1 launched a cap on groups’ budgets final yr. Salaries of drivers and sure prime staff members are exempt from the restrict, however the opportunity of capping drivers’ pay has been mentioned.

However Perez stated yesterday’s crash reveals why drivers deserve the pay they obtain.

“When you hear people talking about putting a cap on the driver salaries, we are the ones taking all the risk out there, putting on the show,” he stated. “So I don’t think it’s a good thing to be talking about that on the sport going forwards. But the most important [thing] today is that no one was hurt.”

Perez stated he was “very pleased for them that they are here with us and they will be racing again.” He revealed he noticed the crash in between the primary begin and the restart.

“I knew there was an accident, but I was back in the garage, and I was looking at the TV and they showed the accident and I was shocked. It’s been a while since we have seen such an accident like that.

“It’s hard to see that and to try to delete it from your mind and try to focus on what you have to do.”

He praised the work the game’s governing physique has carried out to enhance security requirements in recent times and stated there may be extra the game can study from Sunday’s accident.

“Well done to the FIA because we’ve come a long way,” he stated. “I’m sure there are still good improvements and always good lessons to make sure we learn from today, to see the accident, to make sure that there are things we can improve.

“I don’t know if there were photographers around that were at risk. So just have a look and see if we are able to make this a safer sport for everyone.”

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