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Horner: FIA’s directive on porpoising risks setting “dangerous” precedent · RaceFans

The FIA’s plan to clamp down on Formula 1 vehicles porpoising is a “dangerous avenue” for the game, Red Bull workforce principal Christian Horner has warned.

The governing physique of Formula 1 plans to implement a brand new metric from the French Grand Prix which can forestall groups’ vehicles from porpoising excessively at velocity. Any groups whose vehicles are discovered to be bouncing too severely will likely be required to make adjustments to their set-up to ease the issue.

Horner says the plan dangers giving the FIA an excessive amount of say over how groups might run their vehicles.

“The metric that it talks about is quite complicated,” he mentioned in an FIA press convention at Silverstone. “That’s a concern about it, and over what period is the measurement taken, individual instances and all that kind of thing.

“I think when you look at it from a purist point of view it’s not ideal because it seems that we’re giving more and more influence to the FIA to dictate what your set-up is. At what point do they say that you have to run this rear wing or ride height? It’s a dangerous avenue to go down.”

Horner mentioned it shouldn’t be essential to preserve the brand new mechanism in place past the top of the season. “I understand on the grounds of safety that this is being introduced because the porpoising on a limited amount of cars is obviously at an extreme level, and they’re looking to have a mechanism to control that.

“But I think that hopefully it’s only something that will be there for this year as it’s something that hopefully all teams will be on top of as I’m sure the cars will converge next year. It’s certainly not a precedent that we want to go down otherwise set-ups will be being dictated by FIA directives.”

Horner identified the metric will likely be troublesome to implement as a result of the harshness of the journey a driver suffers can change in the event that they run huge.

“Obviously, it’s a key performance factor so you can understand why they’re looking at it,” he mentioned. “But of course, the difficulty is if a car runs wide at Copse I’m sure the driver’s backside is getting pretty warm with the amount of wood he’s leaving on the aggressive kerbing there.

“So again it’s something that the regulators are closely looking at that there is no abuse. But again, it has to be subjective.”

Williams CEO Jost Capito can be involved in regards to the complexity of the brand new directive. “The proposal is much too complicated and we have to find simpler solutions that still allow the team to work into the set-up and still fulfil the regulations,” he mentioned.

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