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NHL Rumors: Vancouver Canucks – NCAA Free Agents Hirose, Livingstone and Malinski

Donnie & Dhali: Rick Dhaliwal on the Vancouver Canucks pursuit of some NCAA free brokers and why didn’t pursue some others.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

Dhaliwal: “The Canucks are believed, are the front-runners right now to land Minnesota State defenseman Akito Hirose. I believe the Canucks, number one target for defensemen. Keep an eye on this. As of night, morning they’re still going back and forth.”

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Don Taylor: “He’s a lefty right?”

  • Rick Dhaliwal: Elliotte Friedman on if the Canucks are going to Hirose: “I believe so, it is the most likely destination, he could be there this week.”

Dhaliwal: “He’s a lefty Donnie. There’s two teams left, two or three, the Canucks are right there. They’re expected to get this kid.”

I wish to carry up the highest two NCAA right-shot protection. Not going to finish up in Vancouver. Jake Livingstone and Sam Malinski. Livingstone’s the (crest ??) and BC child

Taylor: “He’s Hirose’s defense partner at Minnesota State.”

Dhaliwal: “He’s Hirose’s defense. But I believe …”

Taylor: “Coach Mike Craig T. Nelson.”

Dhaliwal: “But I believe that Hirose, not Livingstone, was the Canucks number one target. So we’ll see how that ends up but it looks pretty good that they’re going to land him.”

Taylor: “And you talked about Malinski.

Dhaliwal: “Malinski’s out of Cornell. He’s one other right-shot D. He’s bought a ton of groups after him however, we had this argument, Donnie, Shane Malloy mentioned the Canucks are a vacation spot free of charge brokers. I’m not so certain about that. Not but.

Seven of the final eight years they haven’t made the playoffs. They bought an extended option to go.”

Taylor: “But that’s what you want.”

Dhaliwal: “Okay, however not everyone. I can’t sit hear and inform you why Malinski and Livingstone don’t wish to come to Vancouver. There’s bought to be causes. Who’s the event workforce? What does the farm workforce appear like?

Seattle’s bought a model new farm workforce in Coachella Valley, model new facility, that’s going to draw free brokers. Who’s the event workforce?”

Taylor: “I think the opportunity is number one of the list isn’t it?”

Dhaliwal: “A lot of factors Donnie. Lot of tire fires in Vancouver this year too right? People around the hockey world, the way (Bruce) Boudreau was treated, the Rachel Doerrie incident. There was an incident with the old…”

Taylor: “That’s all in the past.”

Dhaliwal: “Donnie, hockey people remember those things. Lot of tire fires in Vancouver this year Don.”

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Taylor: “If you are an NCAA, undrafted college free agent, you’ve got your choice of several teams, would you rather go, and I’ll go extreme here. Would you rather go to Boston right now, or would you rather go to San Jose? Which is by-the-way, taken over the 32nd spot in the National Hockey League in the Bedard sweepstakes.”

Dhaliwal: “That’s right, they have.”

Taylor: “So where would you rather go? I’d rather go to the tire fire.”






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