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Dive Into a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Dining Experience

Photo: Lost Spirits Distillery

There’s starting to be extra to Vegas than the strip, and on the forefront of the play paradise vacation spot is Area 15, house to immersive distillery Lost Spirits (and shortly to be expanding with Universal Studios, too.) Lost Spirits is themed round sci-fi journey literature; it boasts a futuristically aged collection of rum and nightly efficiency choices within the curio and magic spheres. It additionally hosts a eating occasion to take you thru a maelstrom of a meal.

io9 was invited as press to board this intriguing voyage. Taking on the position of Captain Nemo, Chef Taylor Persh serves a 16-course meal impressed by the story of Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, via her artistically moody and audacious urge for food journey, Fish or Flesh. In a eating room that feels such as you’re sitting within the Nautilus, you’re lulled into a way of security because the rum flows in teacups and within the meals to help you in permitting your self to belief the fantastical flavors forward. With notes of the coast, the ocean, underwater kingdoms, and an escape to land ho, the expertise is an unforgettable story lived that pushes your limits of style and rewards it. Even for those who’re a newcomer to eating excursions—however are fan of the immersive experiences set in cinematic or fictional realms—this isn’t to be missed.



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